OEIS integer sequences

The On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is a database for mathematicians to look up sequences of integer numbers which may be of interest. I first learned about the OEIS when I took a discrete mathematics class with Andrew Penland at Western Carolina University. One of the homework assignments was to come up with a rule for an integer sequence, and when I did this, I discovered that my sequence was not previously known! (For a young mathematician, this is exciting, even if it does not sound that way.) I discovered one similar sequence, and contributed code to a third. Maybe one day in the future I will discover some more. For now, this is on the back burner, but I have listed the sequences I’ve discovered or contributed to below.

  • A319302: author. (This is the sequence I discovered in my undergraduate class.)
  • A309092: author.
  • A110529: contributed Python code and b-file.