Other stuff

Teaching experience

  • Course teaching
    • Teaching Assistant, Fall 2022, EPID 7500: Introduction to Coding in R, Data Science and Simulation for Public Health and the Life Sciences; University of Georgia.
    • Lab assistant, Spring 2017 - Spring 2019, MATH 340: Scientific Computing; Western Carolina University.
  • Programming workshops
    • Reproducible research with R / R Markdown, June 2022. Led a workshop for 12 undergraduate participants in the Population Biology of Infectious Diseases REU Program (PopBio).
    • R/SAS primer, August 2021. Organized and led a workshop introducing basic R and SAS skills for College of Public Health students (MS, MPH, and PhD).
    • Data visualization using ggplot2, June 2021. Hosted a workshop for 10 undergrads in the PopBio program.
  • Undergraduate mentoring
    • Primary mentor for one undergraduate student for the PopBio 2022 program, leading to an in-progress manuscript.
    • Co-mentor for one undergraduate student for the PopBio 2021 program, leading to an in-progress manuscript.
  • Peer mentoring
    • Supplementary Instruction (SI) leader, Spring 2020, Calculus II; Western Carolina University.
    • Course tutor, Spring 2017 - Spring 2019; Western Carolina University. Individual and group tutoring for intro biology, organic chemsitry, genetics, evolutionary biology, microscopy, and immunology.


  • Curriculum committee student representative, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, UGA. Fall 2021 to present.
  • President, Graduate Scholars of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UGA. Fall 2021 - Spring 2022.